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When we partner with a brand owner, for us it is all about you and your brand – protecting it, nurturing it, and optimizing its potential in the online space.  Your brand is as important to us as it is to you.  Because you may have already experienced that not all online partners feel that way, we know that helping you to see how we are different is one of our most important responsibilities.  These points outline our pledge to you –

We will always honor:

  • Your brand’s story, and how you would like it to be told.

  • Your company’s image, and the reputation you have worked hard to build.

  • Your MAP, and will help ensure that others do, too.

  • Your time, knowing that you are juggling many responsibilities.

  • Your financial health, because savings and efficiency are always very important.



At NLS, we never forget that all deals and transactions must be “win-win”.  If you aren’t winning, then neither are we.  We are forever grateful to our partners, and never lose sight of these relationships as the foundation of everything we do.

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